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5.Post Chlorination

Post Chlorination is the final process in water treatment. Chlorine is delivered to the treatment plant in 1 ton steel drums. Chlorine is then passed to injectors which add it to the water. The chlorine will kill any bacteria or viruses remaining in the water and it is important that a minimum level of chlorination remains in the water through the storage and distribution. In order to ensure that the chlorine is evenly mixed into the water, a contact tank is provided with a series of internal walls forming lengthy internal channels. The passage of the water up and down these channels ensures thorough mixing of the chlorine.

SCADA is used to control and monitor the post chlorination. Water samples from this stage are sent to the Online Analyzer located at the Laboratory Room. The SCADA system will control the amount of chlorine being added on a continuous basis to ensure that the correct amount of free chlorine remains.
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